Our Team

Yogita Oza

Yogita Oza believes that everything is meant to be and for the best for everyone. Everything is a part of big circle that we can’t see from our limited view and vision. Yes and there is no option but to accept self, everyone and everything as is. Her journey have been designed in a way that she feels complete and is now contributing by sharing her wisdom through being freelance Yoga , yogic philosophy and theatre blended soft skills facilitator.

Nidhi Sharma
Nidhi Sharma

As an advertising professional with 14 years of experience, Nidhi has worked with market leaders such as Ogilvy, Jagran Solutions, Candid Marketing, Milestone Entertainment and India Today. During this period, and her interaction with myriad people from diverse walks of life, led her to believe that there is an urgent need for emotional development in individuals to excel as professionals. She understands that this can be achieved through behavioral transformation. This led her to embark on the journey to understand behavior modification. These, she has been successfully practicing, with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, Certification as a Life Coach, Image Consultant, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner for the last 10 years. Her forte being Behavior Transformations, Personal Development and Growth Mindset. She believes in “pay-it-forward’ doing a pro-bono counseling initiative for Mumbai Police.

She believes that “We are not our behavior” and hence this behavior can be modified and changed to achieve a better and a more fulfilling life.

Nidhi’s passion is to work with people to achieve greater satisfaction in their lives through Solution Oriented and Thought Transformational counseling and life coaching. She works to establish renewed self-confidence and instill a belief that we can take our lives from Good to Great, if we so desire.

Avneet Kaur
Avneet kaur

Avneet is a practicing counselor and psychologist who believe in societal contribution by improving personnel behavior, skill and attitude through psychological and training interventions in individual, family or group setting.

Avneet is also the guidance & counseling apprentice for NIPCCD, Life Skills Training, Self enhancement for Adolescents & Youth and Counseling & Psychotherapy for stress & mood disorders, behavioral problems, relationship issues. She is passionate about understanding and modifying human behavior, she takes pride in assisting people in reaching their optimal behavior through her trainings and seminars. She is MBTI certified from CPP, Delhi and a Spiritual Guru. A certified trainer and facilitator from Carlton Advanced Management Institute, The USA, and a certificate holder in Public Speaking, she also holds an international certificate in Rational Living Therapy from National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists, the USA. She is also a holder of Diploma in Stress Management, Diploma in Organizational Management Stress Consultancy, Yorkshire, UK and Advanced Diploma in Child & Adol. Guidance and Counseling National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (Ministry of Women & Child Development), New Delhi.

Kiran Sandhu

Kiran has passionately invested more than 20 years in the space of Organization Development & Leadership Enhancement, across geographies in India and the overseas markets. Partnered and worked closely with organizations such as Citi Bank, Hero Group, HSBC, Clifford Chance, IBM, GE , Honda etc.
At the core of her  passion lies working closely with women groups, steering and crafting women centric themes, strategies that are organically created and fostered across business lines. Being a Behavioral Specialist and Coach gives her a vantage point to work through and navigate in a more result oriented manner even in the most dynamic interpersonal, gender bender spaces.
Have been both; an enthusiastic participant and panelist who love to get immersed in women’s enablement and empowerment roadmaps.
In addition to this Kiran has helped organizations to institutionalize women centric growth and learning frameworks.
As she continues to traverse her own journey she remains deeply committed to the cause of women upliftment and empowerment, both inside and outside of organizations!

Dr Anju Chawla

Dr Anju Chawla, a solopreneur with strong foothold in Emotional intelligence. She has walked almost 2 decades in the role of a Trainer, Coach and a Teacher. She is an excellence award recipient by Women Entrepreneur India, Inc 2020.She is committed to spread emotional literacy to bring Emotional empowerment. She has been a guest speaker for various events. She is a resource person with Dr Reddy Lab, ICAI, Delhi productivity council, NLPCA, Skilling You and many more.


Mahalakshmi is a well-qualified Counseling Psychologist, Soft Skills Trainer and Life coach with 20 years ‘experience as a practitioner. She has completed her post graduation in counseling psychology from University of Madras and up-skilled with certificate courses like Fundamentals of Learning Disability, Academic Counselors’ Education training from Chennai Counselors’ Foundation, Chennai.She has facilitated many workshops and training programs for women, students, parents and teachers in recent years in well-known schools and colleges.

Her recent workshop were on ‘Parenting Skills’ at Crescent Matriculation School, ‘Faculty Development Program’ at Tarapore Educational Trust for women teachers and principals, ‘Pandemic Management’ at JGVV group of schools. She has been a guest speaker for various development programs for women and children.