It's better to make videos of Poetry


By Heera Nawaz, Teacher, Writer and Poetess, Bengaluru, India.                      

To all my friends and followers at Pretty Tough. My topic is “It’s better to make videos of Poetry”, of late I am making a foray into Spoken Poetry which I feel is far more effective than written poetry as it brings out the beauty of the soul, heart and mind in the most powerful and poignant way.

Each emotion can be read and discerned by one’s facial features and expressions. Nothing is hidden and every nuance of love and positively can be expressed eloquently. Recently I won the award of recognition for my outstanding performance of my poem The Earth Re-born. The award was given to me by The United Poets at Heart. A big thank you to the beautiful and brilliant founder of this group Veronica Roma Pingol from the Philippines who effortlessly runs this international group and very successfully at that.

I found out that an effective way of improving diction, expression and body language is by reciting the poem in front of a mirror. I can study my facial expressions and improve not only my poetry reciting but also my personality and attitude. A person who focuses on the way the mind works becomes better at communication – both written and spoken.

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