Support Women At Workplace

Integrated Leadership Program (ILT)

This program provides opportunities for skill enhancement and competency development.

Employee Assistance Program

 We also offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for guidance with problem solving, decision making and combating emotional and psychological barriers to personal growth.

Mentorship Program

We will offer a mentoring programme to support the advancement of women.

Sponsorship Program

This program will be a step towards building a strong pipeline of women leaders for future roles who are willing to take their career to the next level through sponsorship and advocacy of senior leaders.

Counselling Support

We provide Professional counselling and guidance services where you can obtain specific scientific knowledge and skills to treat mental, emotional, behavioural health problems.

Networking Program

This will provide the opportunity for employees to be a part of both internal and external networking events aim to support women and parents at work.

Concierge for Women

To add real value to your life by taking care of some essential and time-consuming tasks for you. Through this service women will be able to outsource time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

The concierge desk takes care of the following things:
  • Dry cleaning and laundry drop-off and pick up
  • House cleaning
  • Vacation check in while you are travelling
  • Grocery shopping
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Waiting service – await repairmen, deliveries, cable installation
  • Post Office/FedEx/UPS
  • Relocation assistance/new move packing and unpacking

Health Camps

This is camp is specially made for the women wherein the women workforce will be provided with full health check-up and informed about different factors that impact their wellbeings such as Body Mass Index, blood pressure, blood sugar and ECG. Special advice to women on gynaecological care, reproductive health, nutrition and hygiene will be provided. A panel of doctors will help them understand the importance of good health and encourage them to consult a physician regularly.

PINK Lounge

Pink lounge is more than a simple café or chair grouping in a convenient place for conversation between women colleagues. It’s a special area where women employees can take a few minutes of downtime to zone out, relax, stretch, nap, gossip, listen to music,or even meditate.


Now kids will never be a reason to switch or leave job. WIA club offers special space for the women employees to provide to day care facilities for the employees’ kids.


From improved mental health to sharper decision-making, a fitter workforce can make a big difference to your business. This special facility will include wellness programmes, fitness talks, health checks, fitness assessments, exercise and preview classes for the women workforce.

Blog Time

We provide a platform to express your thoughts and views. A platform for you to talk on women health, fitness, lifestyle, diet, parenting and relationship management fashion, women empowerment and so on…